MIFP Events

Below are the typical events MIFP hosts each year.

Ice Cream Meet & Greet in September

Students and Community Friends are invited to a meet and greet for Missoula for huckleberry or chocolate ice-cream. This evening event provides a place for the newly matched students and community friends to meet each other. MIFP Board members, International Student Association and campus volunteers register the participants, help them find their matches, and serve ice cream.

Fall Potluck in October

International Students and their Community Friends share food and celebrate each other's culinary backgrounds. The President of the University joins the celebration to thank the Community Friends for their participation.

Spring Potluck in February

Community Friends are asked to make an international dish with their student for our potluck. Friends and students who are matched during the spring semester meet at this event.

Annual Silent Auction and Bake Sale at the International Culture and Food Festival 

MIFP holds its annual silent auction and bake sale during the International Cultural and Food Festival in the University Center at the University of Montana. At the auction, donated international items, dinners, and cooking classes are available. Benefits go to support UM international students' activities. Please contact MIFP to make a donation or contact International Student and Scholar Services.

End of Year Celebration for International Students

MIFP sponsors this barbeque event for international students at the end of spring semester. This event is held jointly by the MIFP board members, international student organizations, and the International Student Association.