Benefits and Responsibilities

  • Enjoy friendship with one or more international student(s).
  • Meet with an assigned international student at least once a month for the assigned academic year/semester.
  • Participate in social events offered by MIFP and get to know other Community Friends.
  • Respect the student’s cultural and religious background.
  • Contact MIFP when a problem with the student arises.
  • Refer the students with their personal issues to the Office of International Students and Scholars. Personal issues include their medical, financial, visa, and housing problems.
  • Refrain from using MIFP for contacting international students for any purposes other than those offered through MIFP.
  • Abide by the NAFSA Statement of Ethics.
  • Sign the Acknowledgement of Risk Form upon becoming a Community Friend. 

Note: If you are currently a student at the University of Montana and interested in becoming a friend to help out new international students during their first semester on campus, contact the International Students and Scholars for its UM Global Partners Program.